Josh Sun, Ph.D., Founder of Scientific Investments

Dear Scientific Investors,

My name is Josh and I am the founder of Scientific Investments. My early scientific career started off as a clinical student pharmacist, where I gained deep insight into therapeutics and drug development. I later received a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science at the University of California, San Diego, specializing in the field of anti-infective translational medicine, with a particular focus on pharmacology, immunology, and glycobiology.

During my time in academia, I learned that scientific publications must go through a lengthy peer-reviewed process by a panel of academic scientists. Their job is to assess the quality and integrity of the science conducted, so that certain scientific claims can be accounted for.  This process does not exist in the life science industry.

At times,  life science companies over-exaggerate scientific and medical claims based on unaccountable data. They tend to exclude vital experimental information,  which may change the investors outlook and valuation of their company.

The growing network of our clinical and scientific-review panel analyzes experimental and clinical data that each companies present. We determine the characteristics that demonstrate both integrity and long-term value for shareholders and most importantly, patients.  I found it best to share this work with the public, in hopes that it helps facilitate better investing decisions within our retail investor community.


Josh Sun, Ph.D. 
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