Our mission

Who we are

We are a team of biomedical scientists, and we enjoy identifying experimental therapeutic agents with clinical potential. We believe that our expertise, coupled with our extensive training in critically assessing the quality of the science conducted, can also be spent helping others along the way. We believe that a strong strategy is to invest with a long-term mindset to help mitigate the short-term risks.  

The problem

Strong science and strong business practices are two quantitative factors that provide a proper analysis regarding company growth and direction. The former requires specific expertise within the scientific field, and because the general public is more in tune with the company’s business and financial health, the company tends to oversell their science. 

Reading science and clinical journal publications is a great way of understanding the science that drives every pharmaceutical or biotech company. However, peer-reviewed publications are typically written in a very strategic manner – sticking to a specific narrative to prevent the risk of editorial and reviewer rejection. Words and sentence structures are written and organized in such a way to reduce the probability of criticism  and ultimately, reviewer rejection. We understand the reasons for this writing approach, as certain scientific or medical claims can not be made without the proper experiments or analysis conducted. However, non-scientists who are reading science journals typically accept the narrative at face value, as opposed to critically analyzing the narrative for what it may be really worth. 

The Solution

We would  like to provide a scientific investment thesis, which critically assesses the  scientific and clinical aspects that drives a company’s directional purpose, and provide a dissertation that details the qualities that either make for a long-term investment, or not.